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We specialize with connecting the dots of marketing. We are process geeks, software nerds, and passionate entrepreneurs that have come together with one goal. To systematize your business and turn it into a predictable revenue stream that runs without a hitch.

Find your customer journey from identifying your prospect, to creating raving fans that are your partners for life.


How do we help businesses grow?



Don't do anything without seeing the whole picture again. If you're going to advertise, don't just advertise. Build something designed and optimized as a lead generation funnel, and make sure it makes your business flow smoother.



Some business get better traffic from different sources. We have experts on staff for each different type of marketing, including setting up affiliate programs. We will design and manage a program built specifically for you.



Who doesn't love systems? Your systems shouldn't be causing a headache, but helping your business run smoothly. We will set up, and manage your systems that will allow for your business to become more automated internally.

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Whether its lead generation, website optimization, or system creation, or a strategy partner in your business, we've got you covered! 

Hear From Our Clients

Through working with them... We have seen insanely positive results

2016 was our best year, and we owe it all to the team at Marketing Connected. 2017 is already outpacing 2016!

Brandon Grahm  //  Stardships

Our closing rate has gone from 53%... To over 75%

I credit this massive jump in our sales performance to the work done by Marketing Connected and their team. If you have a sales team, you need to work with them!

David Hough  //  Insurance Agent

Jon and Marketing Connected transformed my business!

Not sure where to start, but the team at Marketing Connected MORE than delivered! I came to them for help getting more leads, and left with a full funnel, integration to my automation campagins and a system that produces sale after sale day after day! 

Sarah Laws  //  Laws Marketing

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